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When the Yujung Emperor sent his loyal unto death and beyond samurai to the isles northwest of the Yujung Peninsula, the entire force sided with the locals and only a small group returned, baring a letter to the Emperor. Another flotilla was sent to punish those impudent ronin for their treason against Yujung, which had similar results. The Emperor had thrown his best, most loyal forces into the power base of the Seid Witches.

The origins of the Seid are shrouded in mystery and rumors range from fae influence to divine origins. It is less important from where they came than what they can do. The following is an excerpt from Empress Azubia's ambassadorial tour of the Taeshin islands.

-Flavor Text goes here-

-Game Mechanics go here-

  • Use of Beguiler class possible but not OGC.
  • Use as a race, possibly fae touched template
  • Use as base class
  • Use as Prestige class (probably best option)
  • Powers derived from connection to Psychic Realm
    • via thin boundary locations
    • via childbirth/pregnancy
    • notes on the soulless children produced
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