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The races of Ursoule deserve a proper introduction. You will see most of the core d20 races here, however they have been given special attention and modified to better fit the Tears of Blood Campaign World. Do not assume that by playing an Elf, you will fit into the comfortable role of standard D&D elves.

The thing to remember is that when we set out to design Tears of Blood, many people wanted to break molds and fix things they thought were broken with certain races. The major issues first addressed were that we wanted a non-human race to play a dominant role. The Half-Elf race seemed like a very good candidate, but needed a makeover. We decided that we would use that basic race, but that history dictated that they weren't half-Elven, per se, but progenitors of the Elves. Thus we needed a new name and came up with Feldarin. So, if you liked half-Elves, the Feldarin are for you (maybe).

Next came Half-Orcs. Here was a race that many felt was broken to begin with. We wanted to correct that and also not have them be a mixed blood race. We decided to replace them with something better that we could call simply Orcs. They're not standard Orcs by any means and hopefully have more depth than standard Half-Orcs ever had.

Based on how we changed the Half-Elves into Feldarin, we knew Elves would have to change. They are not the tree-hugging, bow-firing wizards they used to be. First off, they are a branch off of the Feldarin race, but look at their own section for those details. They are the youngest race and they have a past that will play into any character that wants to try to role play one.

The other core races stood to take more minor adjustments, but they are still tweaked. We just couldn't help ourselves. We hope you like them.

Finally, we introduced one new race of large sized Giantkin, balanced for +0 ECL,; and two templates that can be applied to any other race (except for the Giantkin) to add lots of Tears of Blood flavor to any party.

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