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The Tears of Blood Wiki is part of the Tears of Blood Community World Building Project, carried over from the GiantITP forums as a means to record, edit and debate the final content of this Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting. Please read this page before registering or editing this wiki in order to familiarize yourself with our rules and methods, as well as how to operate this site.

If you are just browsing, a good place to look for discussions is on the "Recent changes" page. Follow the link in the navigation box on the left. Look for any updates to "Talk" pages and join the discussion. This is as close to replacing our beloved forum as we can get for right now.

Before registering

If you are not a member of the Giant in the Playground's Tears of Blood forums: The details of the setting thusfar are complex and it's required that you understand all of the related concepts as well as basic D&D mechanics before contributing to this wiki. It is therefore required that you register on GiantITP and engage in discussions before getting involved with editing pages here.

If you are an existing Tears of Blood contributer: To register, click the "log in or register" link above the main content area. If possible, please use the name you use on the forums so that we know who's responsible for edits.

Creating and editing pages

New pages should be created when necessary, but try to make sure a page doesn't already exist. It is advised that before any single page is written, you search for a standard format template linked from the appropriate thread in the forum. If one does not exist, please propose one for consideration by the community before posting your writeup. The forum is closing, but hopefully we'll continue to have a replacement venue for this sort of discussion, maybe even here at this Wiki. If in doubt, contact one of the main writers, MostlyHarmless, Citizen Joe, or Silas the Monk. To create a page, you first make a link on an existing page, by surrounding your key item with double square brackets like this: [[Link]]. Next you follow that link and you'll get a blank page that you can edit. Add your text, save and you're done. Any time you mention a topic that has a page already or needs a page, for example Races, or specifically, Gnomes maybe. Please use a wiki link so that readers can navigate to those from any article we write.

All members are free to edit any existing page whenever they feel it is appropriate. It is recommended that for any change you detail what you've edited on the discussion page associated with the article, since the forum is closing. Please follow the wiki convention of using four tildes to auto-insert your username with a timestamp. That way, historically, we know how old your comments are. There's also a signature button on the edit page.

If possible, use US English on all pages. However, this won't be strictly enforced.

For information on how to edit and format pages, please consult Wikipedia's article on the subject.

Edited: --MostlyHarmless 10:18, 4 March 2009 (PST)


All concepts, images, names, and related material that is not the property of Wizards of the Coast is otherwise the property of their respective designers and the Tears of Blood community.

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